Nina Naomi Curlshop

Nina Naomi aims to redefine the natural hair industry to encourage consumers to listen to their own hair, promote self education about hair textures, and think retrospectively about “going back to our roots,” when it comes to our beauty. The most effective products have ingredients customers can identify, understand, and are excited to know about. Let's bring back the fun and love of learning to haircare, especially when there is so much to learn from our African and Caribbean ancestors about using the earth to enhance a person’s natural essence.


AvoHemp Butter is a long lasting, multi use moisture bomb for your body, face, and hair.

Shea butter and mango butter is infused with avocado oil, hemp oil, grapeseed oil, and turmeric oil.

Soothes dry, sensitive skin while providing an illuminating gloss over the skin. Light natural scent.

Triple H Oil

Stimulating hair growth elixir made with hibiscus, henna, and hemp oil with turmeric & fenugreek. This oil prevents dry scalp, locks in moisture, and stimulate hair growth



The Curlshop™ now has gift cards available this holiday season to make perfect virtual gifts for your friends and family!